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Game Guru To Broadcast From E3

Game Network to broadcast live from the world's best known trade event

10th May 2005. London, UK. Executive Producer, Mike Rushton, today announced that the Game Network in association with its UK content Provider, Cellcast Interactive, would be broadcasting live daily coverage from this year's E3 conference.

This unique event is a first for the UK and further proves the commitment of the channel to improving gaming output and pioneering unique, interactive and entertaining content for gamers of all ages and abilities

Live feeds from the conference will be broadcast between 5pm - 6pm GMT on sky channel 172, updating viewers with all the latest goings on as well as interviews and discussions with leading industry experts.

"The E3 show is going to provide coverage of a major event that gamers would be aware of yet few actually get to attend" Mike enthuses.

"Everybody knows that this year is going to be massive" he continues. "Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are drawing the lines in the sand with regards to the next Generation of Consoles. I'm proud to be able to beam all that excitement and buzz directly into our viewers' homes. However, it's not only the console wars that viewers will get to see. We have managed to secure several exciting exclusives from leading technology manufacturers who will be launching products at the show."

Indeed, The Live show is only the beginning of the channel's coverage of the event.

Chris Jeffery, Guru producer and all round nice guy continues "Although the Live show is going to play a large part in our coverage of E3, we are also gearing up for a series of specific features, covering everything we couldn't fit into the daily one hour show, on top of a ten part documentary series covering the behind the scenes action during and out of conference hours."

A variety of features on specific aspects of the show throughout june, including a Game Guru exclusive documentary series looking at the behind the scenes experience broadcasts at the conference are only the beginning of what will be part of the Game Network's ongoing coverage of this years event, which will include specialist features on technology providers, a look at ATI's vision for "Gaming for the masses"

The Coverage begins on Monday 16th May, and will include all the latest breaking news as well as discussions and interviews with leading industry experts and insiders.

"The focus of everything we do at Game Guru is centred around the shows being live." Mike comments. "I guess you can call it next generation Gaming TV, with each strand of the Guru brand being geared towards getting gamers of all ages and abilities involved with the show, we have the perfect opportunity to cover the most exciting conference in the world. We also plan to broadcast, post E3, the bits we were unable to cover in the daily one hour live show. There will be a series of features on different aspects of the event, which will air Mid-June on the news and review strand "Game Guru : Livewire" running alongside a 10 part documentary of the behind the scenes action and excitement."

Game Guru is on Game Network, Channel 172 6pm-8pm, daily. Game Guru is on Game Network, Channel 172 6pm-8pm, daily.

About Sky Telemedia

Skytelemedia is a rapidly growing company, which manages complex communications technologies to deliver and bill for digital entertainment, information and services, to consumers across the globe.

The company has developed a successful enterprise-driven business model based upon market demand, contracted customers and recurring revenue. In the course of which it has secured strategic relationships with major telecommunications and media companies to enable rapid market penetration of new media formats, products and services into the international consumer market.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Skytelemedia is led by highly experienced management who have a successful track record of building profitable multi-million dollar businesses providing value-added billing and distribution services in the international telecom sector.

The company operates across multiple platforms, principally fixed-line and wireless telephones, the Internet, and is particularly focused on interactive television. The key component of Sky Telemedia's solutions for the distribution of digital content is its ability to exploit a network of revenue-sharing agreements with telecommunications carriers across five continents. These have enabled the company to secure a global role in the licensing, aggregation, marketing, billing and distribution of digital content.

About Game Guru

Game Guru is a long running successful video games show on Game Network, Sky Digital Channel 172. Featuring over 20 hours of live airtime every week, the show is dedicated to helping gamers get past that last hurdle or take them to the next level in gaming. Running weekdays and weekends, the show is produced in-house at Sky Telemedia's London Studios.

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