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Game Gate VU

Cabinet that turns console titles into pay-to-play games, complete with official licences.

(June 15, 2010 – Wadsworth, OH) For the first time, Next Generation consoles and the latest mega game titles are available to be played in the public space legally. Quasimoto Interactive allows the ability to profit from the continued popularity and appeal of consumer gaming and their multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, now available in a ‘Pay-to-Play’ package that can be reliably placed in a multitude of commercial venues and operations legally.

Presented at a number of the leading amusement trade exhibitions – operators are now able to acquire the brand new ‘Game Gate VU’ (Video Upright) – this futuristic sleek design amusement cabinet comprises a large high definition display, with two handheld game controllers – ruggedized for public space application.

The land mark feature that separates this machine from conventional amusement and maximizes its revenue generation capability is that the unique platform offers an operator configurable pay for time to play application. Users buying for the duration of their game on the machine; the operator able to be changed the duration per credit to suit the requirements. Along with the high definition game display, the system incorporates a LED display, at the top of the cabinet, scrolling messages to attract players and display when in operation the amount of remaining player time.

Machine developer and sales operator, Quasimoto Interactive – has established a platform that is one of the only legal platforms able to play leading next generation console game content on the public arena – in a landmark agreement with licensing agents representing the major manufacturers and software publishers, a wide library of the hottest consumer game titles are able to be played in a commercial environment.

A selection of over 300 console game titles are available to be used on the machine – this is the first official use of the latest console game systems in the coin-operated amusement sector – the owner of the system supplied a Public Use License; all other applications of consumer game content and hardware in commercial application, being illegal.

The perfect platform to entertain a sophisticated audience at venues as varied as family entertainment centers, bowling allies, truck stops, bars, hotels, restaurants and movie theatres. For the first time venues such as retail and hospitality can include a standalone entertainment application to their revenue stream.

The ‘Game Gate VU’ has proven to be a big success both with avid players and with happy operators while out on location test. The machines versatile construction and ability to change the game content, simply and quickly, ensuring a reoccurring revenue stream.

Having completed extensive location testing, and adopting many features requested by real operators in the field – the ‘Game Gate VU’ represents a simple but highly compelling product to boost secondary spend at any venue – and also makes an attractive attention piece for any venue that wants to increase its foot fall.

Quasimoto Interactive – has established an extensive sales operation to support the presentation of the machine into the diverse markets that it can support. Working with amusement distributors and operators the company sees the launch of the ‘Game Gate VU’ a major game changer in the application of public space entertainment.

Company Information

Quasimoto Interactive, Inc., the design and manufacturing operation of cutting edge video game cabinets and high-end consumer game cabinets. A company with an extensive history of over a decade in merging the specialized game play of the neighborhood arcade center with the mass popularity of the video game industry. Supporting the extensive hobby market with hardware products for interactive entertainment consumers, the company has gone on to establish the first fully licensed application of this technology for the commercial sector.


Hardware Information

‘Game Gate VU’

- Players Pay for Time – operator configurable

- Large 32’’ high definition display

- Slim profile cabinet design

- Compatible with Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playststion3

- Over 300 game titles legally available to select from… and growing

- Players can save progress with Memory Unit slots

- Able to be connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) and internet


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