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Game Factory Interactive becomes an agent of Russobit-M's games

Moscow, December 2004: Game Factory Interactive Ltd. and Russobit-M companies have signed an agreement about a long-term partnership.

Since now Game Factory Interactive becomes the Sales and PR agent of several upcoming games from Russobit-M's developers.

The list of games is:

East Front (developer: Burut CT )

East Front ( working title) is a first person 3D shooter, that takes place in the world of the alternative World War II. The main character, who was involved in the experiments carried out by Nazis to create a Perfect Soldier, happens to be in the German Resistance and fights against his creators. Novelty and originality of the game process are provided by the features like unique Liv Kristin "emotion engine", possibility of main hero to create a "temporary shield", nonlinear level running (based on decisions scenes) and original multiplayer mode. The graphical part of the game represents cinematographic values of the visual images and game process.

Sparta (developer: Burut CT )

Sparta is a historical real-time 3D strategy. The game actions occures during the period of confrontation between freedom-loving Greek tribes and merciless Persian Empire. This confrontation is known in history as Persian Wars. Besides high-detailed, almost photo quality graphics, Sparta presents to us unique gameplay experience - unprecedented level of interaction with gameworld and possibility of creating player's own units. Some of the main features of this game are "Unit Designer" technology which allows to create a new kind of forces during the game, possibility of capturing enemy weapons from battle-field and equipping your army with them and, for sure, high historical authenticity.

Phase Exodus (developer: Horns and Hoofs)

Phase Exodus is a 3D RPG with a strong strategy element, which takes the player to the possible future of the Earth, to the world after the catastrophe of the global scale. The game starts in the year 2062. From the very beginning the player have to choose one of the four characters from this world in order to carry out the mission. Game includes realistic sci-fi world, classic 3rd person view (isometric), advanced AI and NPCs interaction, more abilities to interact with gaming world, multiplayer mod, more then 150 kinds of weapon, APARpS ( Advanced Post-Apocalypse Role-Play System), and the inoovative feature - quests matrix.

Neuro (developer: 3 Map games )

Neuro is a plot-based sci-fi first person shooter. Game's events unfold in a world of future, in fourth century of space era, which will come after inventing of hyperspace engine. Main character is a psyonic fighter on service of powerful organization that controls scientifically and technical activity of Earth citizen's descendants inhabited the galaxy. One of the main feature of the game the ability of the main hero to move from one body to another (including his enemy's bodies) using psy-control. Besides psy control, character has another psyonic abilities as well - so, in fact, he's no one else than magician, yet not a fantasy wizard, but a magician of technogenous world. Many kinds of fantastic weapon; the main advantage of Neuro's rendering system is the ability to render a huge amounts of polygons with per-pixel lighting and dynamic shadows with acceptable frame rates; the engine supported different types of effects, such as particle systems, volumetric fog, motion blur, slow motion etc; the characters are animated using the skeleton animation technology; original multiplayer mod.


Svetlana Alexeeva

PR Marketing Department

Game factory Interactive Ltd.

ICQ# 250753410

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