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Game Factory Interactive announces E3 line-up

18-20 of May Game Factory Interactive - one of the leading publishing company in Russia present its projects for the second time running at the trade show E3 in Los Angeles Convention center. With the first presentation a success GFI signed a contract with Strategy First publishing company who have published such games as ALFA:Antiterror and Power of Law in the US and Canada. At this year show will be presented new games:

1. Officers

2. Neuro

3. Rat Hunter

4. Warfare

5. African Alliance

6. Jagged Alliance 3D

So, you are welcome at our booth # 6515 Kentia Hall

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Short info about our games runs down


Developer: Game Factory Interactive (GFI UA)

Officers is a 3D real time strategy game with RPG elements that lets the player act as an officer commanding tank and infantry units. The story of the game is based on the general facts of the World War II and is split into campaigns - Allies and Germans. Each country represented in the game has its realistic military structure, weapons and equipment. Promotiion iimplliies llager forces under diirect controll, matchiing objectiives and greater scope - up to 1.500 troops engaged in a battle siimulltaneouslly. In the game are realliized such features as terra-morphing, particle system for fire, smoke, explosions, weather effect, realistic military structure of the armies, four seasons, day and night cycles, realistic damage system etc


Developer: Revolt Games

Publisher: Russobit-M

WWA: Game Factory Interactive

Neuro is a story-driven sci-fi first-person shooter. It takes place in the fourth century of the Space Era, which will begin when mankind discovers hyperdrive engines. Neuro's unique gameplay feature is psiabilities of the protagonist, which broaden the standard weapons arsenal found in modern shooters. Psifighters are the elite military units of the future; they are tasked with the most important missions, which are too dangerous for ordinary people. Many kinds of fantastic weapon; advanced particle rendering system; full visual simulation of materials (texturing, bump mapping, reflections, self-luminosity, transparency etc.); advanced character models (up to 4000 polygons each); detailed psi-abilities system; the characters are animated using the skeleton animation technology; Realistic physics (using MeqonTM Engine) etc.

Rat Hunter

Developer: Secret Sign

Rat Hunter is a first-person action shooter with a mystery story in a hi-tech world. The player fills the shoes of a reporter who investigates a string of mysterious events on a remote planet. In order to obtain hot evidence, he gets a job of a rat hunter at one of the colonies. What starts as a simple investigation will soon turn his life inside out. You'll dive into the haunting memories of the past and discover jawdropping truth about main character's real identity.... 8 weapon types, More than 20 locations filled to the brim with dangerous enemies, a wide assortment of adversaries, Numerous objects showcase the advanced physics engine, high gameworld interaction, travel by foot or drive a buggy - these features will make your investigation more interesting and exciting!


Developer: Mist Land South

Warfare is a real-time global war simulator with real material. It's devoted to the conflict in the Middle East. There are two campaigns, one for the USA, the other one for Saudi Arabia. The main goal of the first campaign is taking full control of the region; the second one is coming to power in Saudi Arabia and achieving the withdrawal of all American troops. Among key features: realistic lights, with dynamic sources,self-shading and advanced shaders, two storylines, more then 30+ units with real prototypes, M1A2, "Crusader", "Patriot", T-72, C-75 etc, 30 missions with non-linear storyline, realistic physics and combat model, stunning effects, Advanced "resource" system, different for each opposing side.

African Alliance

Developer: Mist Land South

The game is set in Diamond shoed. A coup d'etat and the country gets a dictator as its governor. And it slowly but steadily plunges into chaos. White farmers have been drawn from their land and now groups and fight with looter bands for the control over certain territories. The U.N.O. is involved and tries to give humanitarian help. As for the ex-rulers of the country they try to sit back. What makes the new game differ is that it's up to the player to decide whose part to support. There are several starting points in the game. Your rank and the place you start from may affect the way the game develops, its events, forces balance and the result of the game. Features: absolutely interactive surroundings make it possible to destroy almost everything; Non-liner story-line, multiple replay, various ways to play the game and many variants to complete it; more than 100 types of realistic weapons; modern 3D engine supports all new graphic; skills development, possibility to train mercenaries; various tactics; heavy weapons firing, tanks and machine-guns; atmosphere music and sound.

Jagged Alliance 3D

Developer: Mist Land South

Jagged Alliance is a legend game. It presents a model of tactical strategy. It's been a long time already and the rush about the game has subsided. But soon a new tactical strategy Jagged Alliance 3D developed by Mist Land, will break the silence of the years and give a new life to the series. Main features: Jagged Alliance, but in full 3D Environment; well-known characters (mercenaries); tons of realistic guns; highly Interactive Environment; turn-based combat; evolution of the characters; plenty of different types of weapons; variety of goals in missions; graphic variety of battlefield theaters; user-friendly interface (as in Ja2); 12 missions.

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