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Game Education Summit

To include a "living classroom" for students.

DALLAS, TX –May 29, 2008 – Attendees at the upcoming Game Education Summit will be able to view and participate in a “living classroom” during the conference where Southern Methodist University graduate students will present their student game projects as part of their game studies course.

Game industry leaders and educators from across the country will gather in Dallas at SMU June 10 - 11 to try and develop future programs to solve what many experts say is the video game industry’s number one problem … a critical shortage of skilled professionals.

Keynote speakers Colleen McCreary of Electronic Arts, Warren Spector of Junction Point Studios and Mark Meyers of Disney Interactive will be joined by speakers from major university game programs, video game studios, publishers and technology leaders to discuss key issues relating to programs for students wishing to pursue careers in video game development for the entertainment and serious game industries.

“Because of all the industry leaders appearing at the Game Education Summit, our students really wanted to attend the conference but had a very important milestone on June 11 for their student game projects,” Elizabeth Stringer, SMU game studies instructor, explained. “Since our academic philosophy is to work at the style and pace of the game industry, we take deadlines very, very seriously.”

“However, one of our students came up with a perfect solution,” Stringer said. “He suggested we should hold our presentation in a classroom at the Summit. Attendees then could not only view the presentations, but also try out the student produced games as well.”

Sessions at the summit will cover topics such as teaching methodologies, starting a game development program, core curriculum topics, research collaboration and increasing diversity. Speakers from Activision, Arizona State University, Carnegie Mellon, Electronic Arts, Ensemble Studios, Dell, Duke, Emergent Game Technologies, Full Sail, Gearbox Software, High Voltage Software, id Software, Indiana University, Kingsisle Entertainment, Microsoft, SONY, University of Central Florida, University of Wisconsin, USC and THQ-Volition will ensure a lively and informative event.

One unique session will be the Perfect Candidate panel. Studio heads and hiring managers will discuss what they need the newly minted artist, level designer, production professional and software developer to know in order to succeed.

For additional information, contact Conference Director Mark Chuberka at and 512.241.0269.

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