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GAME: DSi pre-orders double those of DS Lite

UK retailer to hold midnight openings in selected stores for Nintendo's new handheld

GAME has announced that orders for the Nintendo DSi have more than doubled those for the DS Lite during the same pre-release phase.

Selected branches across the UK will host midnight openings on April 3 for the launch, allowing those who pre-ordered the handheld to pick it up as soon as possible. The following morning all GAME stores will open at 7am and begin selling a limited number of unclaimed units.

"We're looking forward to welcoming our customers at midnight or first thing on Friday morning who have been eagerly waiting this new hardware from Nintendo," said Anna Macario, marketing director at GAME.

"We know they'll want to get their hands on it at the earliest opportunity so we've made it as easy as possible. The launch of a new Nintendo handheld is always a major event, and our customers know that GAME will do everything possible to help them buy one as quickly as they can.

"We've worked very hard with Nintendo to create a high impact campaign on high streets and in shopping centres all over the UK, so customers will be very aware of the launch. There will be a lot of activity in our stores to help customers upgrade to the DSi, and get some great deals and products at the same time."

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