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Game consoles boost DVD market

A new study by research firm Centris suggests that game consoles with DVD playback functionality are making a larger impact on the DVD market than anyone had expected.

That's according to the Hollywood Reporter, which has reported a selection of facts and figures from the report - set to be published on September 15. According to the Reporter, 54 per cent of people with DVD-enabled consoles have watched a DVD on their system within the past 30 days.

That's a fairly significant total; Centris estimates that it translates as 8.6 million PS2 owners (46.5 per cent of the installed base) in the USA, and 1.9 million Xbox owners (54 per cent of the installed base who own DVD kits).

This makes game console owners into a significant growth area for the DVD market, as sales of dedicated DVD player hardware have declined recently.

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