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Game Connection Europe 2010

Lengthy list of publishers to attend November's event in Lyon.

LYON, FRANCE—28 October 2010 – Game Connection will bring together game companies (developers, publishers, tools providers...) which seek to sell, buy, pitch, or invest in games. Game Connection makes simple and easy the process for a developer to approach publishers and buyers in order to sell and finance a game.

Game Connection is among the Top 5 of business events with E3, GDC, TGS and Gamescom. The event is the most time-efficient way to meet several potential business partners in back-to-back 30-minute meetings. Meetings can be booked online using the Meeting System application which has officially started. Publishers, distributors, investors and services buyers are hungry to sign new games.

Over 220 companies are confirmed to attend the biggest games matchmaking event to reinforce their portfolio and develop their external partnerships.

Global publishers eager to sign new games

The leading online and retail publishers and distributors will be at Game Connection to find partners and buy products and services including Activision-Blizzard, Apple, Capcom, Big Point, CCP, Bulkypix, Bigben Interactive, EA, Microsoft, Oberon, SCEE, THQ, Square-Enix, Travian, Ubisoft, and many more.

At Game Connection Europe we are especially looking forward to find several top notch online browser games from capable developers. The goal is to make connections for promising business opportunities between the best development teams and Travian Publishing,” said Florian Müller, CEO Travian Publishing GmbH.

Game Connection is the most efficient marketplace for both retail and digital publishing. We expect to find and publish or coproduce at least 60 new game iPs,” said Vincent Dondaine, COO of Bulkypix, one of the major iPhone Publishers and Distributors.

As the event‘s Meeting System application has officially opened, developers can now start asking for meetings with key publishers and distributors from around the globe covering both online and retail markets.

‘‘ Every year’s Game Connection signed games represents 60%+ of our line-up. This year we expect to discover between four and six new products and services both for retail and online distribution. We are eager to meet up with indie studios and talented teams,” says Benoit Clerc, head of software of Bigben Interactive.

Best breed of creativity confirmed as exhibitors

Game Connection’s developer exhibitors range from studios developing on all formats and consoles, to online developers,Facebook or mobile developers pitching games or selling services at all stages. Over 200 developers and tech providers are expected to exhibit at the show to sell, buy, and meet new partners.

Our primary objective is to find original and inventive concepts and teams to work with. […] and we know from experience that if the core concept is focused and the potential is apparent you'll grab our attention immediately,“ said Pete Smith, Executive Producer, SCEE, XDev Studio Europe.

Game Connection has been a great asset in finding new IP and development talent,” said Bob Loya

Director of Developer Relations and Acquisitions, Activision Blizzard.

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About Game Connection

Game Connection Europe is back with its 10th edition in Lyon, France, November 16th to 18th, 2010 and announces 4 additional featured events. The leading games-business event offers a variety of events besides the trade show including Game Connection Invest where companies pitch investors to raise funds and Master Classes for professional developers interested in learning the latest techniques from peer experts.

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Game Connection is an event produced by Connection Events, creator of opportunities, resources and results in the Video Game Industry. Taking place in Lyon (France) and San Francisco (California, USA), Game Connection stands out as an efficient business meeting solution with: matchmaking events between service providers, developers, publishers and distributors; network building and business enhancement.

About Connection Events

Connection Events specializes in designing services geared towards Video Game Industry professionals - from online solution for business meetings, hosting industry leading business event to providing experts training sessions and online resources. Connection Events creates opportunities for international development and is supported by a network of high-profile market players from every segment of the production pipeline. Connection Event's flagship services include Game Connection and Game Connection Master Classes. 

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