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Game Audio Australia Turns One!


Brisbane, Australia, October: Game Audio Australia, the first and largest specialized game audio production facility in Australia, has now gracefully turned one year old. Its first year has blossomed with the studio working on six game titles and four feature films whilst learning to crawl and even growing a tooth.

This month also marks the release of Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots from THQ. Mick Gordon provided the original score for the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2 versions, and Andrew Curnock supplied the music and sound effects for the Gameboy Advance release. Zoo Hospital from Majesco for the Nintendo DS is another title out this month featuring Andrew's music and both Mick and Andrew completed the game's sound design. This month also saw the German release of Postal: The Movie which features additional music by Mick Gordon and the film is due out in America during February 2008.

Earlier this year the studio announced a unique business partnership with Engine Software in the Netherlands, developers of the Replayer XM engine. The deal allows Game Audio Australia to offer a complete audio solution for Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS titles, bundling the famous Replayer engine for free with their services.

"Gaming as a whole is always reaching a wider audience and it's very stimulating to be part of the industry. I'm over the moon at how well the studio has grown over the past 12 months and, now that the ball is rolling, the next year is going to be extremely exciting. As we grow older, the distress of having to leave our mother's bosom will surely fade into the back of our memory." Said Mick Gordon.

Mick is currently scoring and providing sound design on Fuzzyeyes Studio's Action/Adventure epic, Edge of Twilight for the Xbox 360 and PC, as well as two unannounced titles. Mick is also speaking at Game Connect: Asia Pacific 2007 in Melbourne during 15-17 of November and will be focusing on how a strong relationship between audio personnel and other developers can create a great sounding game.

Andrew has been hard at work on the first announced Wii-Ware title, Pop. "It's been an amazing project so far, and a steep learning curve writing for the Wii. The team at Nnooo have really taken the audio seriously, and have given me a lot of creative freedom with the music. I'm approaching the entire soundtrack like an album, and we're even looking into releasing the finished tracks on iTunes."

About Game Audio Australia:

Game Audio Australia is the largest game audio production house in Australia that combines the talents of Mick Gordon and Andrew Curnock, who have worked on over 20 commercial titles across multiple platforms. The studio offers game audio services including adaptive music, sound design, handheld audio, implementation, dialogue, editing, mixing and mastering. The studio is based in Brisbane, Australia, but works with many international clients on a frequent basis.

email: mick.gordon@gameaudioaustralia.com

web: www.gameaudioaustralia.com

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