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Game and Game World Championship 2010

Grand final held at G Star 2010 with 40 gamers from across the globe competing at Atlantica, Shot Online and Silk Road Online.

The grand final of GNGWC2010 that traveled around the globe for 4 months have finally returned to Bexco, Busan.

"Atlantica" from Ndoors, "Shot Online" from Onnet and "Silk Road Online" from Joy Max" were selected as the main game in GNGWC2010 with the total award of 27,000 USD. The grand final was held in G Star 2010.

By holding the grand final game in G Star 2010, it successfully concluded the major international gaming event.

Egyptian gamers held up their flags high after winning the Silk Road Online competition and a German player defeated a US player in Atlantica and won the award. Shot Online was won by a Korean player, of which three out of four finalists were Korean.

40 gamers from US, Germany, France, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia competed against each other to become the best and enjoyed their stay in Korea. We were able to see that GNGWC has become a global event instead of being limited to a global marketing tool.

On the other hand, Moon Sung Na from Korea Contents Promotion Association and other CEOs from gaming companies have attended the Grand Final enjoy the show. Also, B-boy team "S Flava", fusion traditional music team "Heya" and electronic orchestra group "F#" showed off their skills during the intermission.

Silk Road Online

Two players from each country formed a team to participate in Silk Online Grand Final. Total of 16 players from 8 different countries have participated in the event. Teams from Korea, US, Egypt and Turkey were the strong competitors. Even though US team was at the top of the game in the beginning, Egyptian player overcame the handicap and won the game.

Team from Egypt started to gain momentum and won the award after PK fight with Turkey 10 minutes before the ending. The Korean team were ranked at the bottom throughout the game but were able to recover themselves to third place after defeating the US team. Team from US was not able to maintain their strong momentum at the beginning and ended up last at the end of the game.

Shot Online

Three of four finalists in Shot Online Final were Korean players and showed off their skills. THE Final game was played by a Korean player and a German Player.

Player named "Major 2008", a former champion in Korean competition, did not do well from the beginning. Player 'An♥To' was not able to finish his game strong by making mistakes at the final two holes.

Players "SmileofAngel™" and "Fade81" scored 10 under par until the 9th hole. After playing two more holes, "SmileofAngel™" won the 5,000 USD award.


Atlantica was the only game where a Korean player did not make it to the finals. "Robin Swan" from US and "Blood Dragon" from Germany fought against each other in the finals.

Robin Swan was the former champion but it wasn't his luck that he met Blood Dragon in the finals. Robin Swan kept on saying that Blood Dragon was the one to defeat and did not wish to meet him in the finals.

Robin Swan was not able to defeat Blood Dragon and Blood Dragon won with the score of 3:1. 

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