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GAME: 360 price drop represents "fantastic" value

Now is the "perfect time" for consumers to purchase the console, says brand director

Retailer GAME has reacted positively to today's news of the Xbox 360 Elite price drop, saying that now will be the "perfect time" for consumers to buy the console.

Microsoft announced the cut earlier today, confirming it was reducing the Elite's price to GBP 199.99 (USD 299.99 in the US). It's a move that offers consumers great value, according to Martyn Gibbs, customer and brand director of GAME.

"Whether you are looking to buy your first console or you've been waiting for a price drop, now is the perfect time to get your hands on this console. It can be enjoyed by the whole family with a fantastic range of games coming between now and Christmas and will also soon offer Sky through it as well," he said.

And with Sony also slashing of the price of the PlayStation 3 to GBP 249.99 last week, there are now great value options available to buyers, Gibbs added.

"Following the price drop on PS3 last week, the choice of great value consoles is fantastic."

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