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Now reaching a million readers a month; new editors appointed.

As Gamasutra reaches the milestone of one million unique monthly readers and nearly 450,000 registered users, the leading video game art and business site is announcing notable new contributors including Simon Parkin, Chris Morris and Kyle Orland.

Cementing its position as the largest, most-trafficked website in the game development and business space, internal Omniture traffic numbers for July 2010 revealed over 3.3 million page views from more than 1 million unique readers for Gamasutra.com alone -- with hundreds of thousands of others reading related sites such as GameCareerGuide.com and IndieGames.com.

In addition, following the departure of editor at large Chris Remo to become Community Manager at Irrational Games (BioShock Infinite), the site has added multiple new contributors to bolster its cutting-edge coverage of all facets of the video game business.

Joining existing core staff -- including news director Leigh Alexander, senior news editor Kris Graft and features director Christian Nutt -- will be Simon Parkin as the site's European editor, providing UK-timed news and original reporting for the site.

Based in the UK, Parkin is a veteran journalist and video game producer who has contributed to -- or is currently writing extensively for -- outlets including Edge magazine and Eurogamer. He was nominated for Best Writer in both the 2009 and 2010 British Game Media Awards.

Also joining Gamasutra as an editor at large, and contributing multiple weekly interviews, trend and analysis pieces is Chris Morris.

Chris has covered consumer technology and the video game industry since 1996, including CNNMoney's well-known 'Game Over' commentary column. He also currently writes for Variety, Official Xbox Magazine, CNBC.com, Yahoo! Games and more.

Finally, being added to other Gamasutra contributors such as Colette Bennett, Tom Curtis and Game Developer magazine EIC Brandon Sheffield is Kyle Orland, who joins Gamasutra as a contributing news editor.

Orland is a veteran freelancer who has previously written for outlets including Electronic Gaming Monthly, National Public Radio, GameSpot, Joystiq, and The Escapist.

These new journalists are significantly additive to Gamasutra's extensive developer-written content, with featured columnists including Ian Bogost and Ernest Adams, and regular high-profile technical, design articles and postmortems from leading companies in the space, from Naughty Dog through CCP to 2K Games and beyond.

The Gamasutra blogs section, which any readers are welcome to submit to, also includes user-created posts from professionals and Expert Bloggers such as Adam Saltsman (Canabalt), Scott MacMillan (Slam Bolt Scrappers), Arinn Dembo (Sword Of The Stars II) and Andy Satterthwaite (Shatter).

In addition, Gamasutra continues to receive highlights and crossposted content from Gamasutra sister submarket site editors such as Eric Caoili (running online game business-centric site WorldsInMotion.biz, plus alt.game weblog GameSetWatch), Christian Nutt (for game education-related site GameCareerGuide.com), Danny Cowan (for iPhone/iPad game-specific site FingerGaming), Ryan Langley (for console digital download site GamerBytes), and Tim W. and Mike Rose (for independent game site IndieGames.com).

"These impressive new statistics show that Gamasutra continues to be the most-read outlet for game industry news and inspiration", said Simon Carless, global brand director of the UBM TechWeb Game Network.

"We're also delighted to welcome our new contributors, as we continue to provide the highest quality writing about the art and business of games -- from both journalists and game creators -- to a worldwide audience."

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