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Galaxy Online

New female commanders available.

Using players’ suggestions and feedback, the developers of IGG’s Galaxy Online came up with some out-of-this-world new commanders to give players more choices when preparing fleets for special roles. These new commanders include Lawrence, who is good at repairing ships, Carl, who is good at defending a fleet, and many others. However, when it comes to having more options for leading your fleets into battle, the new batch of lady commanders are attractive in more ways than one.

Cute and Cunning Assassin: Nicole

Fresh-faced commander Nicole is smart and deadly. Considering her skill at weakening her foes, anyone who underestimates her will suffer for their mistake.

Base Stats: Accuracy 8, Dodge 8, Speed 8 and Electron 8.

Ability: When attacking, Nicole has a 35% chance to reduce one of an enemy commander’s stats by 20. The stat reduction effect lasts until the end of combat. This ability makes her the natural enemy of those commanders who rely on the strength of their stats, such as Dilira, Bruce, Bart, etc.

Brave Commander: Leen

Leen is a straightforward superwoman. Quick as lightning, she excels at offensive strikes. She believes only the brave are unbeatable. In her mind, there is no such thing as retreat. Since her power increases as she advances, she has no desire to look back.

Base Stats: Accuracy 9, Dodge 0, Speed 19 and Electron 3.

Ability: When her fleet moves forward by 1 grid during a round, its damage increases by 25%. Leen’s ability makes her good at leading an attacking force, especially one that can move swiftly and use multiple weapons. Leen increases both short- and long-range weapons’ damage when her ability is triggered.

Pretty Sisters: Malina and Magel

Sisters Malina and Magel were born into a well-known family of military commanders. Their family wanted to keep the pretty sisters away from military service, but having inherited a knack for leadership and combat tactics, there was really only one career that would satisfy either of them.


Base Stats: Accuracy 7, Dodge 7, Speed 5 and Electron 1.

Ability: Malina’s fleet receives a damage increase of 10% for any Battleships attacking Cruisers. Malina is a bit older than Magel and inherited their family’s strict and cautious style. Known as the “iron lady,” Malina relishes her role as commander when resisting an opposing faction’s attack.


Base stats: Accuracy 8, Dodge 2, Speed 6 and Electron 4.

Ability: Magel’s fleet receives a damage increase of 10% for any Cruisers attacking Assault Craft. As the younger sister, Magel has often lived in Malina’s shadow. As a result, she sometimes lacks confidence in her own abilities as a commander despite her many successes on the battlefield.

With such diverse skills, any one of these leading ladies can take center stage when the situation demands it. Don’t let their looks fool you or you may find your forces crushed under the boot heels.

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