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Galaxy Online II

Sequel's building system unveiled.

The Galaxy Online team is hard at work developing the sequel to their popular space conquest game. Galaxy Online II is a new MMO with different features and gameplay elements to improve upon the Galaxy Online experience while preserving the original game’s combat system. One of the improvements slated for Galaxy Online II is an expanded system of planet-side buildings designed to breathe more life into colonized worlds.

In Galaxy Online II, buildings will be divided into four types: municipal, industrial, military, and defensive buildings. As they considered the role of cities, the dev team was inspired to design buildings that add more realism to the game while giving players more tools to manage the productivity of their planetary populations. For instance, municipal buildings include a bank, civic center, hospital, theater, etc.

Also being introduced in the new game will be an index of civilian satisfaction degree. The index is affected by the types of buildings a player uses, and helps determine how many planets the player can occupy. In Galaxy Online II, players will need to be careful not to attach too much importance to developing industrial buildings, but provide their citizens with a balance of structures and services. For example, if a population is wearing itself out gathering as many resources as possible, they may need a theater to provide entertainment and a chance to relax.

In addition, Galaxy Online II will include a new disaster system. So far, two types of disasters, fire and disease, are slated for release, providing a destructive incentive to avoid unbalanced cities. An unreasonable overall arrangement of industrial buildings may cause fire and/or disease. Fire will damage or even destroy buildings while disease will lower the civilian satisfaction degree. Hospitals will be very important for coping with disasters.

With the added depth of the expanded buildings system, disasters, and civilian satisfaction, players will find Galaxy Online II offers new challenges to those familiar with the original game. Developing new strategies and learning to manage populations will be essential if players want to expand their empires and vanquish their foes.

To learn more about Galaxy Online II, stay tuned to this site or visit to keep up to date with the latest Galaxy Online developments.

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