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Galaxy on Fire 2

World's "most endowed" mobile game, apparently.

Hamburg , Germany , 31 March 2011 – Since its release in October 2010, Galaxy on Fire 2™, the second part of the epic outer-space saga about the mercenary Keith T. Maxwell, has received numerous awards from the trade press. Yesterday evening, the flagship Hamburg-based studio Fishlabs Entertainment was distinguished as the Best Mobile Game at the award ceremony for the German Computer Game Awards 2011 in the Haus der Kunst in Munich.

‘GALAXY ON FIRE 2 is an outer space game that takes its scenario seriously. Players are given tremendous freedom. There is certainly a well-told story, but it serves only as an anchor for exploring the universe, in which players can move about freely. The spaceship battle is a fundamental mechanism of the game, but players can also mine resources and engage in trade. In scope and ambition, GALAXY ON FIRE 2 goes far beyond other iPhone games and is considered an international standard in its genre. Particularly impressive is the technical implementation of the truly outstanding graphics,’ explained the jury in their statement.

In Galaxy on Fire 2™, players can discover a complete galaxy with more than 20 solar systems, 100 different 3D space stations, over 30 extensively equippable spaceships, and countless exciting missions and a complex trading simulation in over ten hours of play. An epic, fully dubbed story tells the dramatic battle for survival by the four peoples: Terrans, Midorians, Nivellians, and the Vossk. Due to a malfunction in the hyperdrive of his spaceship, Keith T. Maxwell was catapulted through time and space, awakening 35 years later. In the meantime, the Voids, an aggressive alien species, have invaded known space using wormhole technology and threaten the fragile peace. United by the massive external threat, the former enemies now fight side-by-side.

“We are especially pleased that we have won the award for the best mobile game with Galaxy on Fire 2, an extremely complex and extensive, almost PC-like simulation game,” says Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs Entertainment. “This award encourages us to go a step further in the development of the third part and to publish it in 2012 as a massive multiplayer gaming experience unique to this platform.”

The German Computer Game Award is a sponsorship award given jointly by government and industry and is awarded to high quality, culturally and educationally valuable games produced in Germany. Its most important goal is to expand and improve the development and production of games in Germany – prize monies in the amount of 385,000 Euros were available for this purpose in this year's awards. In the Best Mobile Game category, which was endowed with € 50,000, Fishlabs prevailed over the other two nominated games, Emily the Strange for the Nintendo DS (dtp young entertainment) and Spirits for the iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod™ touch (Spaces of Play).

Features of Galaxy on Fire 2™:

·         Extensive galaxy with over 20 solar systems and planets rendered in detail

·         More than 100 unique 3D space stations and over 30 upgradeable 3D spaceships

·         Unique reputation and diplomacy system

·         Story, mission-based, and open gameplay

·         Complex economic system with over 170 trade goods of every kind

·         High-quality music composition, voice recording (in English), and 3D sound

·         Action Freeze™: 3D screenshot tool for saving screenshots from any angle and uploading them to Facebook

·         Game Center and Open Feint integration of leaderboards, achievements, and on-line saved games

·         Retina display resolution

Galaxy on Fire 2™ is available for the iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod™ touch in the App Store for €7.99/$9.99/£5.99. The official game trailer is available on YouTube.   

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