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Galaxy on Fire 2

"Lite" your fire with new free version.

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Hamburg, Germany, 17 December 2010 – On its release, Galaxy on Fire 2™ rocketed into the top 10 of the top grossing charts in the USA, UK, and Germany. The free lite version, with lots of weapons, ships, and an unlimited number of missions, is now available for outer space pioneers. A comprehensive paid content update for the full version is also being developed and will appear in the first quarter of 2011.

The Hamburg-based developer Fishlabs Entertainment scored a real hit for hardcore gamers in the App Store with their epic outer space simulation Galaxy on Fire 2™. Outstanding test results from 13 internationally renowned trade magazines and 4½ stars from iPhone and iPad users around the world give Galaxy on Fire 2™ a hefty 8.8 average rating on the iPhone quality index and make the title the absolute benchmark in the sci-fi genre on the App Store.

‘We are overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from players. We scored a perfect bull’s eye with it Galaxy on Fire 2™,’ says Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs Entertainment, about the game’s success. ‘Several tens of thousands of players have already played for over 25 hours, and so we want to offer our fans even more outer space adventure. We are working busily on a content update with new weapons, ships, and more solar systems.’

Features of the lite version:

Two explorable star systems, Aquila and Union, from a total of 20 systems The Inflict as a well-equipped starter ship plus two blueprints and $ 26,500 starting credit All missions in the Aquila and Union star systems can be completed Seven purchasable ships from a total of 33 in the full version On the space stations, 9 of the 31 primary weapons, six of the 16 secondary weapons, 18 out of 44 devices, and 30 of 79 trade goods can be purchased or sold Maximum character level 5 – in the full version up to level 20 Access to all the maps of the star systems The lite version of Galaxy on Fire 2™ is now available in the App Store.

The cinematic trailer is available for viewing at

The introductory price for the full version of Galaxy on Fire 2™ is still available until 11:59 PM on 17 December 2010. Starting Saturday, 18 December 2010, the price will increase as announced to $ 9.99/ € 7.99/ £ 5.99.


FISHLABS is specialized in 3D mobile games development of rich racing and action titles on iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Android smartphones and J2ME (Java). The most successful brands of the game developer based in Hamburg, are award-winning titles like Galaxy on Fire™, DEEP™, Blades & Magic™, Rally Master Pro™, and Snowboard Hero™. FISHLABS is also known for extremely successful ad games on iPhone for clients like Volkswagen and Barclaycard, having dominated the App Store download charts in almost every country for weeks. To date, FISHLABS’ iPhone games generated more than 35 million downloads.

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