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Galaxy on Fire 2

Available at the end of this month as a free try-and-buy download.

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Hamburg, Germany, 10 February 2009 – After three years, Galaxy on Fire 2™ , the sequel to the popular first part, will be released. The detailed 3D graphics, which are outstanding even on Java mobile phones without 3D processors, offer a ground breaking mix of action and simulation gameplay and a thrilling cinematic story with numerous characters, tying in to its predecessor: a malfunction in the hyperdrive of the spaceship of Keith T. Maxwell, the hero of the first episode, launches him through time and space, and he awakens 35 years later – in the meantime the balance of power in the galaxy is seriously threatened.

The deft combination of mission-based and free gameplay guarantees more than ten hours of exciting outer space adventure in an enormous galaxy with over 20 solar systems and 3D animated planets. Players can visit 100 unique, 3D space stations with an extensive trading system and equip over 30 individual spaceships with countless weapons and devices for battle against the enemy. In the space lounge, players meet humans and aliens waiting with a wide variety of missions. With a bit of luck, players will be offered rare blueprints which can be used to produce especially valuable goods. Mini-games provide the opportunity to land on asteroids and mine various ores from which equipment and trade goods can later be manufactured. With new special weapons, squadron gameplay with up to three mercenaries, and the option of taking control of gun turrets, players will have to hold their own in a wide variety of combat situations against dozens of races and factions.

But not only Galaxy on Fire 2™ itself is revolutionary, so is the sales model behind it: Galaxy on Fire™ 2 will be available as a free download at and selected partner sites. The game can be played free within the first solar system with a good two hours of game enjoyment. After that, players will have to register online in order to be able to continue playing for free in five new solar systems. Only in the further course of the game, must the entire mobile game be unlocked for 100,000 FISHLABS Credits (€ 5.97 in western countries, correspondingly lower in other regions). In addition, Galaxy on Fire™ 2 can be downloaded to the PC at and then transferred to the mobile phone via Bluetooth or data cable in order to avoid data transfer costs over the mobile phone network.

“Galaxy on Fire™ is certainly one of the most ambitious mobile games ever. The variety of options available to players and the scope of the game will eclipse every previous mobile game. We are aware that a game like this is just for hard-boiled gamers. Therefore, we are also relying completely on our free distribution concept, so that GOF2 will spread rapidly via Internet file sharing networks via viral marketing.”

The thrilling episode about the mercenary Keith Maxwell was also nominated for the International Mobile Gaming Awards in the category “Excellence in 3D” and thus has been able to hold its own against a total of 400 submitted mobile games from all over the world. The game awards will be handed out on 16 February 2009 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


FISHLABS is one of the leading developers and publishers of high quality mobile 3D games. Founded in 2004, FISHLABS is responsible for the development of more than 20 high-end mobile games and employs a team of 30 people at the company's headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. FISHLABS' portfolio of mobile games includes numerous award-winning original IPs, such as Galaxy on Fire™, DEEP™, Blades & Magic™, Rally Master Pro™ or Snowboard Hero™ as well as AAA brands for well-known business partners, such as V-Rally® 3D for Glu, Star Wars™ – Imperial Ace 3D for THQ or Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam™ for Infospace (Activison license) and most recently Gladiator™. The high quality of FISHLABS’ 3D mobile games is demonstrated by numerous awards, such as Best Mobile Game 2008 (Rally Master Pro™) and third-best mobile game 2008 (Snowboard Hero™) according to Pocket Gamer Analysis. FISHLABS is also the Best Mobile Game Developer 2008 according to MobileGamesDB.

Thanks to the high-performance, platform-independent games engine ABYSS® which supports about 300 different Java™ and BREW™ devices and the iPhone™, FISHLABS’ titles are able to offer a quality never before attained in the sphere of mobile gaming. FISHLABS 3D mobile games are distributed worldwide over more than 160 well known network providers such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Orange, 3, Telefonica, Cingular, Sprint and Verizon as well as directly over and

Since July of 2008, the company has offered the mobile phone game community myFISHLABS, where users can benefit from features such as price advantages, easier payment, additional features, credit kick-backs, upgrades, and the exchange of information about their favourite mobile games with other community members.

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