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Galaxy Fight

Japanese "retro gem" from Sunsoft released on the PlayStation Network's new Import Store.


Hokkaido, Japan – December 13th, 2010 - MonkeyPaw Games Inc. is proud to announce the PlayStation ® Network digital download release of Galaxy Fight, a rare fighting title that never made it to Western shores. Galaxy Fight is a retro gem by acclaimed developer Sunsoft that originally released as the developer's first fighting game on the Neo Geo platform . Galaxy Fight is a pioneering title that eliminated invisible walls which could corner players and allowed the on-screen action to scroll indefinitely.

Galaxy Fight comes to PlayStation Network’s new Import Store and will satisfy the appetite of fighting game enthusiasts looking to add another import  classic to their collections. As with most games on the Import Store, this release marks the first time that gamers will get to play the direct-from-Japan import. Galaxy Fight will be offered at an affordable price of $5.99, available December 14th.

Galaxy Fight is one of those games where you'll find yourself admiring some of the 'firsts' that developer Sunsoft pulled off. The 'endless' platform showcases just how innovative this retro fighting game was." said John Greiner, President of MonkeyPaw Games. "Fighting game fans will truly appreciate the impact the game had in the mid-90s and we're proud to bring the title to Western gamers for the first time."

About Galaxy Fight

Galaxy Fight is a 1995 fighting game that had players battling each other through a solar system, each with unique opponents inhabiting each of the planets. All of the combatants are tasked with getting to the all-mighty Felden Crais, a god of legend that appeared only once every millennium.

With eight different characters and an innovative feature that excluded walls in the battle stages, Galaxy Fight's unique gameplay encouraged unending battles across wonderfully detailed fighting scenery. The fighting game was also acclaimed-developer Sunsoft's first arcade fighting game, developed and published for both the Neo Geo and Sega Saturn systems.

MonkeyPaw Games' recent releases

MonkeyPaw has released a total of 16 retro classics this year and continues to bring you Japanese gems across the gaming spectrum. Recently released titles like Dezaemon  Plus!, a fully customizable shooter game, and Blockids, a fantastic revamp to the classic 'Breakout' gaming mechanic, help showcase the fresh and intuitive gameplay variety from our overseas portfolio.

We’ve also been behind some beloved resurrections such as Alundra and the Arc the  Lad series on the PS One Classics store. These critically-acclaimed games deserve the attention of the gaming masses and we look to bring many more to the PlayStation® Store. Best of all, the growing library from MonkeyPaw Games are all available at the low price of $5.99. Gamers are also urged to express their opinion on the import titles you want to see.

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About MonkeyPaw Games

MonkeyPaw Games is a digital distribution-focused videogame publishing firm that specializes in bringing Japanese games to Western markets. The company was founded by John Greiner, former President of US-based Hudson Entertainment and Hudson Soft, Japan executive for over 20 years. MonkeyPaw Games maintains offices in San Jose, California and Hokkaido, Japan.

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