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Gaikai beta launches to first 11,000 users

David Perry's cloud streaming service rolls out; 60 partnerships claimed

Much-anticipated cloud gaming service Gaikai has offered access to its first wave of beta sign-ups.

Gaikai allows users to stream and play games hosted on remote servers, with boss Dave Perry signing a number of high profile deals for the service.

"We are working with lots of publishers / retailers / media sites / electronics makers / telecom companies etc," he wrote on his blog. "We have at least 60 deals in the pipe at some stage."

Perry also claimed Mass Effect 2 was attracting the most attention. "Bioware simply rocks. They've been very supportive as has Electronic Arts.

"The good news for them is we are getting a surprising amount of people clicking 'BUY' without even making them a special offer."

He claimed 15 of Gaikai's 24 data centers were being used as a result of the closed beta launch, which is offering access to players in batches of 10,000. So far, 11,000 users have been allowed in.

The service is somewhat particular about the online connections it will accept ('s was refused outright), but those interested in applying for the beta may do so here.

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