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FxStudio Creativity Suite

Free licences on offer to new Gamebryo users.

BELLEVUE, WA – NOVEMBER 20, 2008 -- Aristen, Inc., a Certified Partner of Emergent Game Technologies and creator of cross-platform special effects sequencing solution FxStudio™, today announced a special promotional offer to game developers who license Emergent Game Technologies’ Gamebryo platform.

Under the terms of the agreement, any developers signing a Gamebryo license before the end of the year will be eligible to receive a free license for Aristen’s FxStudio Creativity Suite which is being integrated into Gamebryo. The only requirement is that FxStudio licensees must sign a one-year service contract.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for game teams to get a leg up on visual effects development. The FxStudio-Gamebryo integration is a complete content pipeline ready for prototyping or full production environments,” said Toby Gladwell, Chief Technical Officer at Aristen. “FxStudio provides the perfect solution for creating visual effects that harness the power and feature set of the Gamebryo engine.”

“Emergent’s Partner Program enables Gamebryo developers to work with the industry’s best tools right out-of-the-box, saving our developers time and money. Our latest integration, with Aristen’s FxStudio, allows our customers to maximize their special effects content pipeline while minimizing the hassle of integrating the two technologies,” said Katie Morgan, VP of Sales and Marketing, Emergent Game Technologies.


FxStudio Creativity Suite was built using a modular design with true multi-platform support designed from the ground up. Artists can build singular effects and specialize properties as needed on a per-platform basis.

FxStudio Creativity Suite includes:

FxStudio Designer is a full-featured special effect sequencing tool; artists familiar with time-based sequencing tools such as Adobe’s Premiere will feel right at home.

FxStudio Processor is a standalone data processing module that strips tool-specific data from source files and outputs a packed data format targeting specific destination platforms.

FxStudio Preview drives productivity and quality by elimination iteration time. Effect sequences are created and evaluated in real time.

FxStudio Runtime creates and manages special effect instances. Platform-specific runtime modules provide the API and data-management facilities.


Gamebryo has been fully optimized for development on PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii, and has gained attention as the engine used in Bethesda Softworks' record-breaking Xbox 360 TM , PLAYSTATION ® 3 and PC title, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and on its just released Fallout 3 across the same platforms. Gamebryo is also used by EA-Mythic on Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Firaxis on Civilization Revolution, and BottleRocket on Splatterhouse. Gamebryo is a high quality, mature software product that ships with 3,500 pages of fully indexed, searchable documentation. To date, Gamebryo has been used in more than 250 shipped games titles ranging from massively multiplayer online games, high-end retail games across multiple genres and casual games.


Aristen co-founders Gladwell and Kaplan serve as Chief Technical Officer and Chief Executive Officer, respectively. Gladwell is credited as a developer on several titles including The Matrix Online, Shogo: Mobile Armor™, Blood, Sanity, No One Lives Forever™, MechWarrior® 2 Titanium Pack, and the LithTech™ engine. Kaplan was Monolith’s engineer on Aliens Versus Predator™ II, a science fiction first-person computer game developed by Monolith Productions and published by Sierra, and as a Lead Engineer on Monolith’s The Matrix Online.

For more information about FxStudio and the promotional offer, visit and, or contact


, Inc. is a leading developer of creativity enabling tools and middleware for the interactive entertainment software market. Aristen licenses FxStudio, a cross-platform special effects sequencing suite designed and developed to allow game developers to craft world class visual, auditory, and tactile experiences. For more information please visit the Aristen website at

ABOUT EMERGENT Game Technologies provides flexible technologies and services that give developers an unmatched range of integrated capabilities for building, testing and managing games. These proven, stand-alone solutions include the award-winning Gamebryo game engine used to create hit next-generation games for the Wii™, PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360™ and PC. Emergent gives developers the flexibility they need to fuel creativity while reducing risk. Emergent is headquartered in Calabasas, Calif., and has offices in Chapel Hill, NC; Austin, Texas; London; Tokyo; China; and Korea. To learn more, visit

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