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FX Interactive Presents Imperivm - Great Battles Of Rome At E3

Madrid, May 16 2005

Creating Imperivm GBR has been an enjoying challenge. It shows our commitment to historical accuracy and to Real Time Strategy.

Developed together with HaemimontTM, the company behind the acknowledged AI of Celtic KingsTM (2002) and Worldwide success TzarTM (2000), Imperivm GBR introduces RTC (Real Time Conquest), a novel gaming concept that combines three key ideas:

1. Military conquest-oriented RTS.

2. RPG features playing a key role in battles.

3. Storyline based on historical facts, scenarios and characters.

Romans, Egyptians, Britons, Germans, Gauls, Iberians, Carthaginians... Command the Legions and relive the great victories of Rome or lead their enemies in their fight for freedom.

12 epic battles designed with the help of historians and where the main characters are some of the greatest strategists of all ages: Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Augustus, Queen Boudicca, Marcus Aurelius...

Download now "Imperivm GBR Key Points" a document that graphically illustrates all the features of the game.

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