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Funding & Investment Summit

Eidos's Ian Livingstone and Realtime Worlds' Ian Hetherington join speakers list for next month's event.


18 November, 2008

Contact: Martine Parry, Apply Group - 0845 838 1989

Ian Livingstone, Creative Director at Eidos and Ian Hetherington, Chairman & Chief Strategy Office of Realtime Worlds are the latest to join a stellar line-up of games, technology and funding professionals focused on the growing market for: Casual Online Games, MMOs and Virtual Worlds, at the Funding & Investment Summit to be held in London on 5th December, 2008. www.fundingsummit.co.uk.

VCs, together with a VIP audience drawn from development, publishing and retail, create successful new opportunities and investments against a backdrop of frank and open discussion about the implications of the current financial market and emerging business models that attract investment. Case studies presented by developers and IP holders provide a clear focus on best practice.

Questions that are addressed at the Summit, include:

• Will games and virtual worlds continue to outperform many other sectors in terms of market reach and sales?

• Will Casual Online Games, MMOs and Virtual Worlds continue to be the key areas receiving funding?

• What is the emerging business model attracting the most interest from investors?

• What funds and support are available for early stage growth?

• What investments are best suited to larger valuations and second - or even - third round funding?

• How has the economic downturn affected VC investing?

• What business models will attract VC investment in Casual Online Games, MMOs & Virtual Worlds?

• What are the typical capital requirements and time frames for exits for this sector?

• What are the dynamics and complexities for Series B and C rounds in today’s new environment?

• What is the current trend in valuations and what are the key criteria driving valuations for both investments and exits?

• What returns is the VC asset class delivering to its investors?

• What changes can we expect in the VC landscape in Europe and globally?

• Consolidation and convergence: What are the latest trends in the games and interactive entertainment sector?

• How will these trends impact the games and interactive entertainment community?

• What are the key drivers of growth in developed and emerging markets?

• What lies in store for the games and interactive entertainment sector? Who will lead consolidation and convergence?

Speakers include: Andrew Romans, General Partner, The Founders' Club & Georgetown Venture Partners; Nick Parker, leading games analyst; Jon Kingsbury, NESTA; Sian Brereton, Technology Strategy Board; Jeff Meek, French Duncan; Mirko Caspar, Metaversum; Philipp Bouteiller, Smeet and Gobion Rowlands, Red Redemption. More to announce soon.

Registration is through www.fundingsummit.co.uk. Very limited number of places available.


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