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Full Natal line-up due at E3

Microsoft's "best designers" working on motion-sensing peripheral

Microsoft is due to unveil its "full line-up" of Project Natal games at E3 2010 in June, according to comments made by Mindy Mount, CFO of Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices division.

Speaking at the Jefferies Annual Global Technology Conference in the US, as reported by website IGN, Mount claimed that the company's best designers were working on the platform.

With Microsoft's stable of first party developers having shrunk considerably in recent years it was unclear which developers she was referring to, although Rare are known to be heavily involved with the project and Lionhead Studios are implementing Natal features in Fable III.

Smaller first party teams such as Spawnpoint Studios and BigPark are also believed to be involved in creating Natal titles.

"We have very strong first and third-party developer support for [Natal]," said Mount. "Needless to say, we're putting some of our best people on coming up with great game ideas for this, and we're going to have some great stuff."

In January of this year Microsoft's Robbie Bach claimed that 70 to 80 per cent of games publishers in the world are committed to releasing Natal-based games.

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