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Bad news for anyone waiting for the sixth Beagle mission.

Ruud Faber of FScene informs us 3 of the 4 partners of the team of old FS guys are facing some physical problems making it impossible to finish the production of the 6th "Beagle" mission in time. 

In fact this means they had to close this whole project prematurely, the more so as the real world VPRO "Beagle" trip on the Clipper "Stad Amsterdam" has reached it's final harbour in South Africa.

Was it a popular FSX missions project?

From the amount of downloads one can easily conclude it was a popular project. As per 5th May 2010 Flightsimmers downloaded a total of 12,207 "Beagle" missions.

Will the missions still be available for download?

Yes, all 5 Free "Beagle" Missions are still available at the FScene Beagle Page


"Beagle" Missions?

Read more about them in the PDF flyer


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