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Fruit Ninja

Version 1.3 attained, complete with Sensei's Swag.

June 17th, 2010 – Welcome to Fruit Ninja version 1.3, where we are proud to release the Dojo - a new menu to help you manage your Fruit Ninja career! We will be adding more features to the Dojo in every update, and are kicking off the launch with some much-requested customization options.

The Dojo addition for version 1.3 is Sensei's Swag - an area where you can unlock and apply some amazing changes to the game. By completing various objectives within both Classic and Zen Mode, you can unlock new backgrounds and swipes and begin using them instantly!

This update includes three new backgrounds and three new swipes - simply open the Sensei's Swag menu to see which you have unlocked and the objectives required for each one.

And finally, one of the most requested fruit from the community has now been added! It may not be particularly sweet but it sure is juicy - please welcome LEMONS to the cast of colorful characters! Best of all, they come with a whole range of new and exciting Fruit Facts.

We will be continuing to add more content to the game modes, the Dojo and Sensei’s Swag in the near future!

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