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Fruit Ninja

Version 1.2 doubles the amount of fruity game content.

May 21st, 2010 – Today Halfbrick is pleased to announce the biggest update yet to the worldwide hit iPhone game Fruit Ninja. The content of this update has been created and polished based on the huge amount of feedback received from the Fruit Ninja fans! In fact, the gameplay additions for version 1.2 are so large, the overall content has been doubled from the original game!

ZEN MODE! This is a brand new way to play Fruit Ninja. No bombs, no lives - just fruit! You have 90 seconds in each game to slash to your heart's content, mastering swiping and ending the journey of many juicy opponents. Better yet, there is a little something extra to help rack up even higher scores...

COMBO ATTACKS! If three fruit are launched into the air, simply slash them all in one swipe for a +3 point bonus! Four fruit scores a +4 bonus, and the combos increase with more fruit slashed in each swipe! Combo attacks are now featured in both Classic mode and Zen mode.

COMBO AWARDS! At the end of each Zen mode game, your best fruit slash combo will be displayed on screen and you will receive an awesome award for your Fruit Ninja prowess!

NEW FRUIT! Delicious limes and red apples!

Update 1.2 is available right now worldwide in the App store and is free for customers who have purchased the original game. New players can purchase Fruit Ninja which includes 1.2 features for just 99 cents!

And best of all, there’s a bonus trailer to celebrate the update. Join your old friends Ninja, Banana and Strawberry as they reunite for a new adventure together!

NEW Update 1.2 Trailer




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