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Frozen Codebase on board with Xbox 360

The latest studio to be approved by Microsoft as an Xbox 360 developer is Frozen Codebase, a Wisconsin-based independent developer which has been founded by veterans from a number of major studios.

The firm started work on Xbox 360 titles earlier this year, and boasts former staff from developers including Raven Software, Radical Entertainment, GarageGames and Astral Entertainment among the talent who have come together to create the studio.

One of the interesting aspects about Frozen Codebase, which was founded by industry verteran Ben Gelsler, is that it is funded with venture capital rather than depending on publisher advances from the outset - a relatively rare thing among independent development studios.

"Frozen Codebase is receiving fantastic feedback on our first game and is poised for success," claimed Gelsler in a statement today. "We have a strong working relationship with Microsoft whose XBox 360 console provides an exciting game development platform. GarageGames is providing the underlying 'Torque' game engine."

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