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Front Mission Evolved

"Last Stand" and "Map Pack" downloadable later this month.

WHAT: A brand new game mode and a map pack are coming soon to Front Mission Evolved, further expanding the multiplayer game.

WHEN: Last Stand and Map Pack will be available to download in PAL territories for Xbox 360 on Nov 23rd , PC and PS3 on November 24 th.

Last Stand

Price: €4.99 / £3.99

400 MSP

Last Stand is a new mode for up to two players tasked with fighting off increasingly difficult waves of enemies in both Player and Rank matches.

Map Pack

Price: €3.99 / £2.99

320 MSP

Map Pack contains two new maps, Desert and Docks:


With limited cover and unobstructed fields of fire, no one can hope to leave the desert unscathed.


A veritable maze of shipping containers and hangars, the docks lend themselves to intense and vicious close-quarters combat. 

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