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'From the past comes the future'

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Announcement for Friday the 12th August 2005 From Alten8 Limited

Alten8 are taking the opportunity of announcing at the CGEUK show , it is co-sponsoring , being held this weekend , in Croydon , London , UK , a range of developments from the company.

It has come to an agreement with a major publisher to produce versions of its Spectrum , C64 and Amiga licensed games on a range of current formats , to include , PS2 , PC CD , GBA and PSP , Alten8 has a range of software in hand to run the retro games on these current formats. Full details , and release schedules to be announced in the next few weeks. (Any retro game authors / rights holders not already signed up with the retro-soft label of Alten8 , who would like to appear on this range of games , please feel free to contact us.)

Its all new , self published , 3D future sports simulation game , 'Shokrok Throwdown' will also be given a sneak preview to the public at the show , coded by an ex- 'Industrial Light And Magic' Creature Technical Director who worked on such movies as Hulk, Van Helsing, Day After Tomorrow, and Star Wars:Episode III. It boasts a full musical score and 3D full motion graphics , and up to twelve players using LAN or internet connections. Alten8 is expecting big things for this game. Full details also to follow.

Also being announced are a range of ported , licensed retro games , and brand new games, to be released and sold world-wide both off its own web sites , and other phone game sources over the next month and beyond.

Discussions are ongoing with major international players over its GBA titles , which are high quality 3D titles with potential big name licensed titles , Alten8 hopes to announce on these soon.

Alten8 is committed to a long term plan of expansion , in both its role of developer , publisher and distributor. Working with both new , and established authors and companies , it welcomes all interested parties to contact it. A new web site to reflect this expansion is previewed at

About the Alten8 Ltd group

Set up at the start of 2005, the Alten8 Ltd group hopes to become a new force in development , publishing and distribution of games , across a range of formats. Both licensing older titles under its retro-soft brand , and all new titles under the Alten8 label.


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