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From The Land Of Eden To The Dark Side Of The Moon, Virtual Console Takes You On A Trip To Remember

8th June 2007 - This week, a selection of 80s and 90s classics join the already impressive back catalogue on Virtual Console. First up this week is 1987 NES classic Balloon Fight. In this highly addictive action title players take on the role of a dare-devil balloonist battling enemies across the skies. Players must pop their opponent's balloons to send them plummeting to the ground before they pop yours! Balloon Fight also features a two-player mode with both competitive and co-operative play as well as a bonus survival game called Balloon Trip and is available now for 500 Wii Points.

Also up for grabs this week is Adventures of Lolo. Originally launched on the NES in 1991, players assume the role of Prince Lolo who must rescue Princess Lala from the clutches of the evil Great Devil, saving the land of Eden as he goes. Although he is not endowed with agility, Lolo possesses intelligence and great courage that must be employed to solve taxing puzzles and ensure the safe return of Princess Lala. Adventures of Lolo is available now for 500 Wii Points.

However, if these don't take your fancy then why not download the Turbografx classic Dead Moon. This side scrolling action shooter sees the player piloting a space ship in a quest to stop aliens taking over the Earth. Players must defeat alien space ships by shooting at them, working their way through six levels, each with a boss that requires players to attack from different directions. Players can upgrade both their weapons and their ships throughout the game, tipping the odds in their favour! This classic game is available now for just 600 Wii Points.

These great games will join the list of 96 classic titles already available for the Virtual Console in Europe.

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