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From Developer , To Publisher , To Distributor

Alten8 is please to announce the next step in its continued business expansion.

For immediate release.

Friday the 24th March 2006

After months of frustration in talks with various publishers Alten8 has decided to bring forward its plans for independent publishing status. With titles already signed to other publishers such as GT Racer for the GBA , Alten8 is releasing several product ranges in the next few months independently.

A range of games for the PC is first in the pipeline , with full price PC games , for sale across territories in Europe , and other territories also.

A second range of budget games is also being released under the brand name of 'Budjet' , in a similar vein to other budget PC game lines , it will offer a range of games which have previously been released in the shops but at the price range of RRP £4.99 , as well as all new games as yet unreleased , which fit the category and are signed but as yet unannounced by Alten8.

The back catalogue of over 500 retro licensed games will also feature in this line up. Full product details to be announced over the following weeks.

A first initial GBA release of the 'Broken Circle' game is also planned for this year , which if successful , the range of games already held by Alten8 for GBA but as yet unsigned will follow.

In addition to this the planned digital distribution arm of the company will go live in a few weeks time , with digital downloads , of Phone content , PPC , PC , music and film. Full details to follow on this also.

Paul Andrews , CEO and founder of Alten8 stated " We have built up a good portfolio of content since the creation of Alten8 just over a year ago , with potential hit games for phone and other formats being released over the next few months. After much frustration at trying to break through the barriers put in front of new software companies , we have decided to push these artificial boundaries aside , and bring these products to market ourselves , in co-operation with the bricks and mortar distributors we are working with , and we would like to thank them for this co-operation. We believe if you bring the right product , at the right price to market , and if the public is given the chance to actually buy it , it will sell. We give fair deals to our authors , and keep overheads to a minimum. We hope to be able to bring all new games to the market place which many publishers just will not entertain as there is not enough margin in it for them. We intend to be profitable , AND give all concerned a fair deal , we welcome contact from new authors and development teams who would like to work with us on future releases and projects."

Alten8 is committed to a long term plan of expansion , in both its role of content developer , publisher and distributor. Working with both new , and established authors and companies , it welcomes all interested parties to contact it.

About Alten8 Limited

Set up at the start of 2005, Alten8 Limited hopes to become a new force in development , publishing and distribution of games and other content , across a range of formats. Both licensing older titles under its retro-soft brand , and all new titles and content under the Alten8 label . Alten8 hopes to become the first port of call for new talent looking for a more flexible way of working. With releases on many formats throughout 2006 and beyond planned.


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