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Froghop pushes transmedial access with new consortium

TMA Consortium gets representations from EA, Sun, SOE and others.

Froghop, a firm devoted to solutions which allow games to span across different mediums, has announced the creation of a new body called the TMA Consortium which will bring together interested bodies from across the industry.

Spearheaded by Froghop CEO Vicky Wu, the TMA Consortium (it stands for TransMedial Access) will discuss issues related to playing games across multiple platforms ranging from design and usability to technology.

Among those who have signed up to the consortium are Sony Online Entertainment, Sigil Games Online, Electronic Arts, Sun Microsystems and several others, with academics from MIT and the University of Central Florida providing oversight.

The new consortium has special relevance to mobile gaming since one of the key uses for transmedial access technologies is to extend game experiences into the mobile space - allowing players to interact with game worlds from mobile devices as well as from home console or PC devices.

"The future of gaming isn't going to be confined to any one platform," Wu confidently predicted in the statement announcing the launch of the consortium. "Rather, it's about connecting players to the game in different ways as they move from device to device throughout the day."

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