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Fresbo World - Think, Build, Play!

Flash-based virtual world to tinker with.


Fresbo is thrilled to announce its latest MMOG title, Fresbo World - Think, Build, Play!, is finally released!

Fresbo World is a flash-based virtual world for all ages that allows users to assemble up the basic building blocks to create different types of structures.

It is similar to the hobby shops’ modeling kit, whereby the pieces of the little component parts is given to you in a box, and you are suppose to assemble them back into the original form, using a blueprint.

After the original form is done, players will then break the small component parts up all again and reuse them to create their own structures using their own creativity.

Besides building and assembling, Fresbo World has a range of single and multiplayer mini-games in the virtual world for users to pit their skills against each other.

Fresbo World is currently available in and is also found in following major social networks application platforms

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Bebo :

About Fresbo:

Fresbo is a game company that specialize in creating casual flash-based MMOG that can be played right in the browser. Fresbo's first MMOG title, Fresbo World, was the top game application in Friendster and is currently still within its Top 10 games. Fresbo was recently awarded a cash grant by MDA of Singapore to further develop Fresbo World into a leading MMOG title.

Contact info:

Fresbo Pte Ltd (Singapore)

16 Jalan Kilang Timor #04-03

Redhill Forum Building S(159308)

Email :

Website :

Screenshots :

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