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French Buddy

Learn to parlez Français with the DS's help.

07 November 2008

Buddy II. – With „BUDDY Francese/BUDDY Francés“ the cool coach turns the most beautiful language of the world into a ‚petitesse‘.

Little brother? As if! The second part of the language training series doesn’t fall short of his awarded predecessor in any way. Braingame sticks to its well-proven and successful formula: with Larousse as a guarantor of quality in combination with the unmistakable BUDDY character the edutainment title „BUDDY Francese/BUDDY Francés“ conjures an air of Paris onto the world’s most popular handheld console.

Parlez-vous Français? If so, you are in good company! About 100 million people across all continents and in more than 50 countries speak this universal language. Whether it is France, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean or Central Africa – everywhere conversation is held in French. This time, catering for beginners as well as advanced learners, Braingame sent, in co-operation with Larousse, the coach with the crazy hairdo and the cheeky smile on a trip to France. With its comprehensive exercises in grammar, vocabulary and dictation this one-of-a-kind language trainer meets the demands of the levels A1 and A2 in the common European framework of reference for languages and thus is the perfect companion for the first 3 years of learning French.

Bonne chance! With its mixture of grammar, dictation and vocabulary „BUDDY Francese/BUDDY Francés“ provides linguistic insight. In more than 1000 grammar exercises on topics like „pronouns“, „adverbs“, „tenses“ or „plural formation“, combined with a well-arranged classification of self-contained lessons, the demanding supreme discipline shows itself from its best side. Upwards of 1000 vocabulary games introduce modern French in a lively way including a wide range of sayings and phrases that are typical for the country. And for those who in the end still do not understand the meaning of „faire un pied de nez“ there is a comprehensive dictionary with a thematically listed vocabulary that won’t leave any questions unanswered – so nobody will thumb their nose at them.

Mastered superbly! Of course also the follow-up to the winner of the „Comenius“ and „GIGA-Maus“ awards offers a great deal of extras. In the dictation part native speakers support BUDDY and useful auditory skills are introduced by working with intelligent handwriting recognition and voice output. Tests provide optimal monitoring of progress and the language experts of Larousse guarantee for the up-to-dateness and suitability for daily use of the French vocabulary with their experience and expertise. Last but not least the seamless integration of all Nintendo DS™ features provides a relaxed learning atmosphere anytime and anywhere. Therefore every break may become a short trip to Paris and be it on the bus, in the living room or in the park – with „BUDDY Francese/BUDDY Francés“ there’s always a piece of France with you. As usual, BUDDY moderates with a relaxed attitude, checks regularly on the learning progress and motivates the individual player with witty animations. BUDDY’s cheerful and cheeky world has a distinct recall value while providing high levels of identification with the game character. BUDDY is a friend for life. And as an old French saying goes: „A person who has no friends lives only half way. “

Upshot: A rich potpourri of exercises, the very likeable coach BUDDY and his carefully animated world, the professional methodology and language quality guaranteed by Larousse make „BUDDY Francese/BUDDY Francés“ a must-have for both young and old French language learners. Living in fear of the next holidays in France? Pas du tout!


• Specially developed for Nintendo DS™

• Both for beginners and advanced learners

• Meets the demands of the levels A1 and A2 in the European framework of reference for languages

• More than 1000 grammar exercises

• More than 1000 vocabulary exercises

• Individual documentation of learning progress

• Intelligent handwriting recognition and voice output

• Unique look & feel

Product Information:

Product: BUDDY Francese/BUDDY Francés

Genre: Vocabulary and language coach

System: Nintendo DS TM

Publisher: Braingame / Deep Silver

Distributor: Koch Media

Release: tbd

PEGI: 3+

RSP: 39,95 €

About Braingame

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