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Freestyle: Street Basketball

"Time for a Face Lift" updated scheduled for October 27th.

Scheduled to release on October 22, 2010

On October 27, “Time for a Face Lift” update is to be conducted upon Online Street Basketball Freestyle serviced by a global game portal, GameKiss. In this latest update, new characters armed with wits and characteristics of Hip Hop culture are to be added. A total of 5 new characters are consisted of 3 male characters and 2 female characters, and they are to be introduced for the first time to the users in the country outside of Korea. Since these new characters are the basic characters provided for the game, many users are expected to enjoy the game more easily.

Moreover, New Character Giveaway is to be held for two weeks during October 27 through November 9. Users can obtain new characters equipped with various styles of costumes as well as necessary skills for free simply by logging on to the game. Joey, Main GM of FreeStyle, said, “Since this event gives away 1Lv character to new users and 20Lv character to the users who already possess characters over 27 Level, users won’t have a burden to develop their new characters while new users will have easier time to enjoy this game.”

For more information about FreeStyle new characters which are to be updated for the first time, please visit official website of FreeStyle at




Global multiplayer online game portal site launched by JCE on February 2009, starting with FreeStyle Street Basketball. It has Valkyrie Sky, NIDA Online, GhostX in service. With the vision of ‘Providing FUN never before presented to the world’, it will continue to progress to introduce quality contents to global gamers in the year 2010.

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