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Freesky Online

Paradise and Canaan servers merged, resulting in a larger map.

The Freesky Online team has merged the Paradise and Canaan servers effective August 6, 2009. These have been replaced by the new Paradise&Canaan server, featuring a larger map to accommodate more players.

The main goal of the merger is to increase player interaction. On Paradise&Canaan, players will be scattered across a bigger map with ample resources to discover and threats to overcome. With a higher population come more opportunities for PvP and strategic alliances as players vie for territory in their new world.

Some players have voiced concerns that their production tasks or other ongoing activities will be adversely affected by the merger. To compensate players for any inconvenience that may result, the Freesky Online team is awarding gift packages that may include gold, resources, items, and Gift Points.

Please visit to find out more details about how the merger will affect you and what type of compensation you can expect to receive.

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