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Freesky Online

Details of the latest update.

Paradise&Canaan, one of Freesky Online ( servers, recently received its first update. The update included larger battle scenes and improved new player features that allow newbies to develop resources and build castles during a 10-day protection period. Other servers will be following suit with updates in the near future.

Broadened Battle Scenes

Battle Scenes can now hold 35,000 players. Not only does the increase enable more new players to join the server, it also creates more opportunities for PvP combat, adding excitement to the game.

15 Minutes Building Upgrade in 1 Second

As server capacity grows, more new players join the game. With this in mind, the developers have implemented some features to help newbies quickly get up to speed. The free building upgrade speedup has been increased from 8 minutes to 15 minutes, letting new players complete building upgrades that normally take 15 minutes in just one click.

10 Days Newbie Protection Period

A prolonged protection period also benefits new players. During this period, they can focus on development or join an alliance for protection without being preyed upon by more experienced players.

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