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New Website Offers Exclusive Free Play Of Unique Freedom Force Combat Game

Fans of Freedom Force who can't wait to enjoy the latest exploits of Minute Man, Tombstone, Tricolour, Blackjack et al in the forthcoming PC strategy opus Freedom Force versus The Third Reich can whet their appetite immediately, as Digital Jesters unleashes a new multiplayer web-based game set in the Freedom Force universe.

Freedom Force: Fight For Freedom, available at, is a free e-mail challenge game in which gamers across the globe can challenge friends, family, random players or mortal enemies to a spot of one-on-one combat using a selection of Freedom Force characters.

The game takes the form of a beat-'em-up in which players select simple but potentially devastating attacking and defensive moves prior to each bout. Once each player has decided their moves for each stage of the fight, the outcome is animated online, with the winner free to gloat forever - or at least until the next challenge is received.

The result of every bout is input into a global high score table, so the ultimate Freedom Force: Fight For Freedom champion can be decided. The game will run indefinitely and Digital Jesters will be offering weekly prizes for the first month to reward the very best players.

"This is a cracking web-based game which will offer fun for much, much more than a minute, man," said Leo Zullo, marketing director, Digital Jesters. "We're expecting both the Freedom Force community and anyone with an e-mail address to take part in what could become the world's biggest online battle. Freedom Force versus the Third Reich is a special game, and one which deserves an equally special web game. In fact, you could call it a real tour-de-Freedom-force."

Freedom Force versus The Third Reich will be available on PC CD-ROM in Europe from April 15th 2005, priced £29.99. UK and Scandinavian players will also be treated to an exclusive bonus DVD containing a wealth of additional material.


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