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Free Your Gaming With Wireless Joypads...

R/F controllers for the PS2 and Xbox are available now from MAX TV


April 8th, 2005 - Wires. Don't you just hate them? They get in the way, they tangle up and they're never quite long enough. Fortunately, wireless technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and two devices crying out to say goodbye to cables are the humble PlayStation 2 and Xbox controllers. These particular wireless wonders feature the latest 2.4ghz frequency R/F technology, meaning unlike inferior infra-red pads, it's damn-near impossible to obstruct the signal. Even the most mischievous pet or wayward younger sibling is going to have a hard time interfering with your gaming action now.

You can use these controllers at up to 60 feet away from the receiver, which if you have a really big TV, is a hell of a lot more convenient than endless twisty-tangly cables. Three ordinary AAA batteries last up to 160 hours in the pad. You could play through GTA: San Andreas three times in that time. And that's 160 hours that won't give you a nasty case of gamer's cramp, thanks to this pads comfortable design and durable rubber handgrips. And, even if you forget to switch it off, it won't gobble up the batteries while not in use, thanks to the smart Auto-Sleep function.

A high quality, reliable controller like this is a snip at £19.99, so get it and say goodbye to "There is no controller inserted in Port 1 because your mum's standing on the wire again" messages forever!

  • Wireless Controller for PS2 and Xb
  • 2.4Ghz R/F Technology
  • Fully Programmable
  • Auto-sleep and wake functions
  • Play up to 60 feet away
  • Auto-scan frequency
  • Playing time of up to 160 hours using 3 AAA batteries
  • Eight-way analogue D-Pad
  • Fully rubberized handgrips
  • Dual analogue joysticks with two vibration motors
  • Power switch and signal indicator
  • Eight analogue action buttons

Wireless Controllers for PS2 and Xbox are available now, for £19.99, only from MAX TV on Sky Digital 669, or online at

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