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Free Mobile Game Downloads Gaining Traction In North America and Europe As Reported In Greystripe's "GameJump.com Mobile Game Consumer Insights"

Texas Hold'em Poker is #1 with mobile consumers who want free games.

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Oct.24, 2006 Greystripe, Inc., the creators of the world's first free, advertising-sponsored mobile games portal, GameJump.com, has released results of the world's first free mobile games study, identifying the top ten most popular games along with user demographics and behavior trends.

The report, GameJump.com Mobile Game Consumer Insights, analyzes a random sampling of over 50,000 GameJump.com players and includes statistics from GameJump.com's registered users and Greystripe's AdWRAP ad network.

Top Ten Games Played on GameJump.com

Rank Game Publisher Genre

1. Texas Hold'em Ozura Mobile Casino

2. Adventure Boy in Zooloo Land Handy Games Adventure

3. BlackJack Ozura Mobile Casino

4. Aqualife Bogee Interactive Action

5. SuDoKu Greystripe Puzzle

6. Baja Buggy Fugu Mobile Action

7. Ghost Hunter RPG Ozura Mobile Adventure

8. Townsmen 3 Handy Games Adventure

9. Brick Annoyed! Mobile Vision Puzzle

10. 1941: Frozen Front Handy Games Adventure

Source: Greystripe, Inc. October 2006

Mobile Game Consumer Insights

Excerpts from the report include:

Top Five Geographic Regions

GameJump.com is most popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, South Africa and Indonesia.

Favorite Genres

Based on measured game plays, the most popular game genre on GameJump.com is adventure, followed by action, puzzle, sports, and casino.

Age Breakdown

Nearly seven out of 10 players on GameJump.com who download games are between the ages of 18 and 34.

36% 18 - 24

31% 25 - 34

15% 13 - 17

U.S. Gender

Only slightly more males (59%) than females (41%) download games from GameJump.com.

U.S. Carrier Distribution

Cingular and T-Mobile make up nearly 70% of the wireless carriers for U.S. GameJump.com players.

Cingular (39%)

T-Mobile (30%)

Sprint Nextel (25%)

Boost Mobile (5%)

Qwest (1%)

International Gender

Outside the U.S., GameJump.com is more popular with males (79%) than females (21%). Advertising Click through Rate

The average worldwide click through rate for Greystripe ads with actions in GameJump games is a remarkable 15%.

"It is exciting to see the explosive worldwide popularity of GameJump.com and at the same time to provide advertisers with measurable results and statistics that will help them plan their ad campaigns more effectively," Michael Chang, founder and CEO of Greystripe said. "We are thrilled that the quantitative data we have gathered to date is in keeping with our anticipated targets for consumer use and geographical reach."

Greystripe's mobile in-game advertising network has the ability to measure, track and deliver ad campaigns based on user, geographic region, game genre and ad actions. The AdWRAP system provides advertisers with complete control in managing and monitoring their campaign targeting and real-time performance.

About Greystripe

Greystripe is the world's first ad-supported mobile game and applications distributor. Greystripe's AdWRAP system enables publishers to gain advertising revenue by serving ads through their games, while advertisers reach a new mobile audience and consumers download great games for free. The AdWRAP system currently serves ads into 160 game titles from 25 publishers supporting over 800 handset models. Greystripe reaches millions of mobile game players through its online portal GameJump.com, through the mobile web (gjmp.tw) and through its AdWRAP Catalog Partner Program.

Greystripe was recently named one of FierceGameBiz's Fierce 15, an award which recognizes companies that are leaders and innovators in the mobile game industry-projected to reach $10.5 billion by 2009-according to Juniper Research. Visit Greystripe at www.greystripe.com .

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