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Free magazine for Sony PSP and Nintendo DS gamers launches

HGZine, for handheld gaming, brings top quality editorial to gaming fans of the Sony and Nintendo mobile platforms.

For immediate release

After the successful launch of 360Zine for Xbox 360 gamers and PCGZine for PC gamers in 2006, Cranberry Publishing Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of HGZine for Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and mobile phone gaming enthusiasts. The launch issue is available now from the Gamerzines website.

"As an avid handheld gamer myself, it's great fun to edit a magazine dedicated to DS, PSP and mobile games. They're usually herded to the back of multiformat print mags and never given the attention they deserve - it's time to redress the balance," says HGZine Editor, Keith Stuart. "With HGzine, we can offer the editorial values and beautiful, readable design of a print publication, with the immediacy of online. It's absolutely the best of both worlds."

Keith is a veteran game journalist, and is one of The Guardian's game bloggers. He has previously worked on respected games magazine, Edge.

HGZine is written by professional games journalists and made available in digital format for free. On top of the high quality editorial, the magazine is enhanced with embedded video and interactive media, such as quizzes, annotated screenshots and animated images appearing on the pages themselves.

Issue 1 includes reviews of Sid Meier's Pirates!, Mario vs Donkey Kong 2, Ghost Rider, Dungeon Siege Throne of Agony, Castlevania Portrait of Ruin and Bomberman Land Touch. There are also previews of Driver 76, Burnout Detonator, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Zelda Phantom Hourglass, Manhunt 2 and Call of Duty Roads to Victory, and many more.

HGZine is a Gamerzine, published in PDF format. Readers simply require a copy of the free Adobe Reader (version 6 or above) to read the magazines. Each Gamerzine includes more than 30 pages of professionally written games journalism and is enhanced with embedded video and multimedia.

HGZine can be downloaded now from:

For more information:

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