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College Park, Md. - Goozex, Inc., the leading online video game trading community, announced that for the entire month of March all trades will be free. The standard $1.00 trading fee will be waived and members will only need the appropriate amount of Goozex points to acquire games. The company is giving free trades to its members to thank them for their loyalty and word-of-mouth endorsements of Goozex resulting in dramatic user and trading activity growth.

The Goozex trading system is based on giving members a fair market value for their video games. To do this, the system finds a match with other members so that you can directly trade your game with someone. The fair market value of video games on the website is represented by Goozex points, which range in value from $5.00 to $50.00. To acquire a game, a member needs the appropriate amount of points plus one trade credit valued at $1.00. This one trade credit has been waived for the month of March.

Once a game trade has occurred, Goozex points are transferred from the buyer to the seller. The member that has just received Goozex points can use them to trade for any game they choose. Currently there are over 7,500 unique titles available on the Goozex trading system. The entire Goozex inventory of games is user generated on a peer-to-peer network, and makes it one of the largest on the Internet today.

"We have just experience enormous user growth and we are trading at the highest levels yet," said Mark Nebesky, CMO & Co-Founder of Goozex. Mark continued "We wanted to give back to our community of gamers and offer free trades. This has always been a member favorite and we felt now a great time to run with free trades. We expect our trading activity to reach a higher rate than ever before by the end of March."

About Goozex, Inc.

Goozex, Inc. is an award winning and best in class rated peer-to-multi-peer trading company headquartered in College Park, Maryland. Launched in July 2006, was named a Webby Award Official Honoree in April 2007. It has also been rated best in class by Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM #223) and GamesRadar (Dec. 25, 2007). Currently, it is the leading video game trading service based on an automated point system. Games are assigned a point value based on several factors including supply and demand, and users earn points when trading their games with other users. Points can then be redeemed for other video games. The system offers its users a fair market value for their games and guarantees all trades.

Goozex, your game trading community TM. Please visit our website at

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