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Free DVD with all preorders and week one purchases

G2 Games News Release

For Immediate Release

EUROPE ( May 2007 ) - G2 Games have today announced a special offer for flight simulation fans. Customers who have preordered Enemy Engaged 2 or have purchased the game in its first week of release will also receive a free DVD documentary while stocks last. Hellfire & Brimstone: The Attack Helicopter is an in depth look at the attack helicopter and its role on the battlefield in the 21st century. Find out how these war machines will adapt and survive in current and future wars.

21st Century War Machines

Hellfire & Brimstone : The Attack Helicopter

DVD Chapters include :

Enter the Cobra.

The RAH-66 Comanche.

The KA-50 Hokum.

MA-24 Hind.

The Digital Battlefield.

Growing Threats.

Game Details

The original Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche Versus Ka-52 Hokum was a game that received universal praise for its dynamic and ground breaking content that maintains a large player base even today.

Released in 2000, the original Enemy Engaged set the standard for 21st century flight sims with stunningly realistic visuals and attention to detail. Enemy Engaged 2 is set to take the series even further with new dynamic missions and a complete overhaul of the graphics and audio to bring the game up to date with the latest and best flight simulations available.


Modern helicopter combat simulation with realistic flight physics.

Three exciting theatres of war with two opposing campaigns each.

Dynamic real-time battlefields. No linear mission plot or predefined unit behaviour.

Over 100,000 square kilometres of flying area over Lebanon, Taiwan and Korea.

Diverse combat environments executed in lush 3D detail under a wide range of weather conditions.

Over 1,200 very detailed and blue-print precise vehicles, chosen from among proven classics in actual use in armed forces around the globe.

Use immersive voice control to command your gunner and wingman.

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Press Contact:

Adam Cole

G2 Games

Distribution & Licensing Contact:

Jeremy Christie

G2 Games

Release Date: Out Now!

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