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Free-App Hero

Claims to use actual human beings to find the great free games among the rubbish ones.

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Get over 100 great games for free right now, and keep getting more every day!

Free-App Hero isn't another dumb tracker - we're here to save you from wasting your money OR your time on bad apps (or on checking 15 different free-app sites a day).

One of the best things about the App Store is the way that thousands of apps are available for free, and hundreds of new ones are added every single day. The downside is that it’s almost impossible to find the good games in the daily avalanche of fart apps and flashlights.

(If you wanted to try every temporarily-free app every day, it’d take you about an hour just to find them across all the countless promo sites and trackers, another three hours to download them all, and another five or six hours to boot each one up for a minute or two to see what it was like. Your iPhone’s memory would be bursting at the seams in three days, and since nobody’s actually got a spare 10 hours every day to look at apps, you end up missing half of the best freebies.)

That’s where we come in. Free-App Hero is maintained by experienced professional games reviewers with an encyclopedic knowledge of thousands of apps already, and every day we filter through many dozens more to sort the dross from the diamonds, because it’s our job. So why not reap the benefits of all our hard work and take advantage of Free-App Hero’s unique features?

- unlike other free-app trackers, Free-App Hero recommends ONLY THE GOOD STUFF. Why waste your time downloading and playing 30 games to find the one good one? Let us do it for you.

- unlike free-app websites, we recommend something because we like it and we want to, not because someone's paid us $2000 to promote their app with a freebie day.

- unlike other trackers, we only feature proper full games, not Lites or ad-strewn “freemium” versions. In fact, we NEVER feature apps with in-game ads, because we hate them as much as you do.

- unlike other trackers, we don’t clutter the screen with annoying, distracting ads of our own.

- unlike other trackers, we’re human beings who’ve actually played the games, not robots dumbly scraping the App Store servers for any old rubbish with a price cut.

Free-App Hero has a Permanent list (featuring over 100 of the best free apps), and every day our Recent list also tells you the newly-free games that are worth your precious time - and we’ll even tell you why, with handy mini-reviews. So you can enjoy great stuff instead of wading through an ocean of garbage to get to the gold.

Free-App Hero gives you over 100 top-notch free games straight off the bat, and it keeps on giving forever. (We’ve got lots of exciting update plans too.) What have you got to lose?

Free-App Hero is available worldwide in the App Store:


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