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Francois Dumas

No longer at simFlight, for those keeping track.

Holland, June 21, 2010 - François A. 'Navman' Dumas - the man with the hat - has left simFlight and simMarket recently. François was simFlight's Managing Editor and has been 'the face' of simFlight and its forums for the past 8 years. he also responsible for simMarket's newsletters and magazine ads and used to present the annual simFlight Awards in Germany.

Francois started his (hobby)work for simFlight after being invited by its owner, Miguel Blaufuks, while still employed elsewhere. In 2005 he lost his corporate job and decided to become self-employed. He founded FSAddon Publishing, with technical support from simMarket, and built that into a successful Flight Simulator add-on company along the way.

Unfortunately the many hours spent working for simFlight and simMarket could not be sustained any longer from a financial perspective and there was no sight of any improvement in that respect. Further pushed by some other factors as well, the decision had to be taken to leave and look for other work.

Francois will continue to run FSAddon Publishing (now under, while putting more emphasis on his main company Silver Cloud Publishing where he is active in consultancy, web design/hosting, writing and photography. He now also has a 1/3 share in Why Fly Inc., where he acts as the COO and CIO and also contributes some of his writing (

Why Fly Inc. is a website aimed at anyone with a warm feeling towards aviation, where top writers and photographers share their feelings and thoughts on WHY they love flying so much.

FSAddon Publishing is also working to set up a new Flight Simulator News Website and will start selling its products on other webshops now too. Stay tuned for more details on both.

Francois would like to thank all his loyal readers and other FS contacts for the many years of pleasure they have provided and stresses that he is NOT leaving the flightsim 'scene' and will remain very much active in it.

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