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Frag.Ops BETA preview sshots and information

Soon we will be releasing our first beta, v2.0. It doesn't come with the huge version jump and much-touted beta tag for nothing, though. We spent more time on small details for this release than any other before, because we've finally had the time to do at least most of what we wanted. We've got new maps from Digital Angel, Ektophase, Tank-Bird, Vee (yes, VEE!), and Hellrider, sHoKaZuLu's UrbanBay FO style, and hopefully AngelHeart will allow us to include the map we used to test WAR internally: WAR-RelicsRemix, a modified RelicsRedux. All of these maps contain designs and art that far surpass our previous content.

Next, we reanimated the entire weapon arsenal, using new playermodel-matching arm models and gloves, courtesy of our insane new animator, Silky. He really did a great job, keeping them unique and lifelike while working at blazing speed.

And finally, we created WAR, a new gametype with a distinct RTS flavor. In WAR players will be required to work as a team to capture key points we call Build Zones, then reinforcing these points using more than 10 different buildable/deployable items, modeled and skinned by FakeID, all placeable at the player's discretion. All the while the player must keep in mind his primary objective, which will vary between maps, and can be quite lengthy. This only barely scrapes the surface. There are more than 100 changes between the MISSION and WAR gametypes, and none of them are small. Prepare yourselves.

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