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Audio puzzler available for PC/Mac download now, along with a demo too.

Cipher Prime Studios, the indie development team responsible for the award-winning game Auditorium, is proud to unveil their newest creation Fractal. Fractal turns a simple concept into a rich environment that lives and breathes with the player. It shares one thing in common with its predecessor Auditorium: it is impossible to explain and amazingly intuitive to play. Is it a puzzle game? Maybe. Is it a matching game? Well, sort of... Players will quickly get that can't-quite-put-your-finger-on-it feeling, precisely because this game is unlike other games.

Push on fractals to arrange them into larger clusters and they will Bloom, exploding outward. Clusters of any size are possible; chain reactions can go on indefinitely; power-ups allow the player to clear an entire board in an instant. Challenges abound at every step... As soon as you've mastered one game dynamic, another is introduced. Each level asks something different of the player, who must use a combination of intuition and problem solving to succeed. Different modes of play – Campaign, Puzzle, and Arcade – create varied problems and emphasize different aspects of the rule system. It doesn't take long to uncover the depth of the game, which supports different techniques and styles of play.

Fractal is as much a living entity as it is a game. Feel it come to life as you succeed: everything from the vibrancy of the colors to the audio tone is linked to your experience. Cipher Prime's new MusicBox audio engine ebbs and flows with the pace of your gameplay, creating melodies on the fly and building– or deconstructing– songs in real time. Begin to fail and the game whimpers in fear, dimming and silencing the environment. This is more than just a puzzle game; it is a sentient world that fails and prospers alongside you.

The full version of Fractal is available as a Mac/PC Downloadable with an online playable demo at

About Cipher Prime:

Cipher Prime Studios, Inc., is a small independent studio based in Philadelphia. 2009 saw the release of their debut game Auditorium win many awards such as Most Creative Game of the Year Award by Mochi Media, 2nd Best Browser Game of All Time by Tech Crunch, and many other awards. They are committed to empowering other developers by sharing business knowledge and helping grow the independent developer community.

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