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FPS Creator X10 brings next generation PC game-making


February, 2007

The powerful combination of Microsoft's Windows Vista and Direct X10 heralds an exciting renaissance for PC gaming and UK software developer, The Game Creators, has become one of the first companies to join the revolution with its latest title, FPS Creator X10.

From the team of specialists whose impressive portfolio already includes top creation tools Dark Basic, The 3D Gamemaker and the original FPS Creator, FPS Creator X10 enables you to design sophisticated games without having any programming knowledge. It has been developed exclusively for PCs fitted with a Direct X10 video card and running Windows Vista, and gives game-makers access to an impressive range of new features and special effects.

GPU instancing enables your game to feature many more characters whose appearance and behaviour can be varied using powerful texture array techniques.

Smoke and fire take on a whole new realism, thanks to volumetric soft particles.

New soft shadowing technology brings games a step closer to reality.

Shader features built into your Direct X10 graphics card enable you to add Bloom effects for cinematic lighting, realistic reflections and Fresnel water which not only refracts light as it enters the water but also reflects the surrounding environment.

You literally paint your game world to create great scenes in minutes and tell a story by linking up to 50 large-scale levels. The package offers over 800 3D game objects including 62 different enemies and 18 weapons and in addition, you can import your own sounds, music, graphics and 3D models.

A full physics system produces realistic results for explosions or when objects are knocked over and for users who want to expand their game-making scope, there's an impressive collection of add-on model packs, with even more new genres on the way! The multiplayer capabilities of FPS Creator X10 enable you to host and join LAN and Internet death matches and you can give away or sell your creations 100 per cent royalty free!

During the game building process, FPS Creator X10 performs intense light mapping calculations to automatically set up a beautiful shadow-cast game world and on dual and quad core PCs, this process is accelerated by up to 250 per cent!

"FPS Creator X10 will allow any creative end-user to make stunning games on Windows Vista. It's the start of a whole new era for the creation of sophisticated content," said The Game Creators' Financial Director, Rick Vanner.

Coinciding with the recent launch of NVIDIA's new GeForce 8800 DX10 graphics cards, FPS Creator X10 is being used by this world leader in programmable graphic processing technology to demonstrate the capabilities of its 8800 cards.

Darryl Still, NVIDIA'S Director of Content Management EMEA commented: "What I love about FPS Creator X10 is that it brings the power of DX10 to everyone. It was a great achievement for The Game Creators to be one of the first people to give us running DX10 code and we see it as a key tool to demonstrate the capabilities of NVIDIA's VISTA DX10 software drivers."

Release date: April 27, 2007. RRP: £29.99 ($59.99/44.99).

Availability: online from and at selected retail outlets.

Minimum spec: Windows Vista operating system; P3 1GHz processor; 512Mb memory; Direct X10 graphics card; 2Gig hard drive.


Watch a video presentation on FPS Creator X10 at:

Download a demo from:

The file is 44Mb in size and you must have both an NVIDIA 8800 GPU and be running Windows Vista for it to work. Make sure you also have the Vista specific NVIDIA drivers from

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