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Former Red Storm CEO Rejoins Games Industry

Doug Littlejohns, former CEO of Red Storm, rejoins the games industry at Nice Tech Ltd

Cambridge, England, September 2005 - Nice Tech Ltd - a newly formed, Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) company, announced today that Doug Littlejohns, former President and CEO of highly successful Red Storm Entertainment, has agreed to become the Chairman of the organization.

"I didn't envisage getting back into the industry" commented Doug, "but Nice Tech has designed and built a technology that promises to facilitate and transform the approach taken to MMOG development, greatly reducing development time, cost and, most importantly, risk at a time when playing online is beginning to really take off! The company is embarking on a very exciting phase in its young life and I believe Nice Tech's technology will deliver innovative, profitable online games in a truly global interactive marketplace. I am very much looking forward to helping establish Nice Tech as a premier MMO developer and technology provider".

Under the leadership of Littlejohns, Red Storm Entertainment, founded by best-selling author Tom Clancy, was profitable after the release of only its second game, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. At the time, the game was a new genre bending combination of both action and strategy in a first-person and third-person shooter setting. The original game was followed by a number of hits including Clancy's Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear and Ghost Recon. These award-winning titles attracted publisher Ubisoft Entertainment to purchase the company in 2000. The "Rainbow Six" and "Ghost Recon" brands continue to be top sellers on all platforms.

Paul Baker, President and CEO of Nice Tech commented: "Having groundbreaking technology and genre defining game ideas are of little use without the experience to leverage them. Doug reinforces our commercial strength and provides us with firm foundations upon which to create our next-generation MMOG virtual worlds. Perhaps within the decade, you'll be able to interact inside a virtual world where the world "virtual" is superfluous!"

Littlejohns plans to help Nice Tech become a major player in the MMOG market, drawing on his previous experience in the business. The former British Royal Navy submarine Captain, with a head for business and a deep appreciation for the creation of video games, was also acknowledged at Red Storm for his innovative marketing approach and sound strategies. In his first experience of the games market, he served as a consultant on Tom Clancy's SSN, a submarine game published by Simon & Schuster in 1996. This game, and the collaboration between Clancy and Littlejohns, led to the creation of Red Storm Entertainment, with Littlejohns leading the company from the beginning as President and CEO.

Nice Tech is actively looking to develop strategic partnerships with publishers. The company is also working on a number of titles under Littlejohns' guidance and advice developed using the company's AliceServer Artificial Reality development platform (AliceServerAR), a technology that offers a complete end-to-end MMOG development solution. AliceServerAR is a powerful tool that significantly reduces development time, cost and risk for MMOG/Multiplayer gaming to deliver higher profitability to publishers.

About Nice Tech Ltd

Nice Tech was formed in 2005 in Cambridge, England to design and develop Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games, providing the player with an experience that will ultimately rival reality. Nice Tech is incorporated in the UK with development and research facilities in Cambridge, England. Nice Tech develops technology designed to ultimately allow for hundreds of thousands of players in a persistent world and designs games that leverage that technology to provide an engaging and absorbing real-time online entertainment experience.

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