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Former Player X CEO founds TeePee Games

Online portal aims to aggregate disparate logins and simplify access; $500,000 seed funding raised

TeePee Games has been founded under the auspices of Tony Pearce, and will provide users with a single login aggregation portal granting access to flash, Facebook and mobile platform games.

The company aims to help users discover new titles, seeing beyond top twenty sales charts to allow more content to be easily accessed. Pearce has already secured $500,000 in seed funding for the project and established a board of staff.

The service will also integrate with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, providing a single portal to manage several disparate experiences.

"The problem is very clear, game players are simply not finding new games because the top 20 dominates each category. TeePee Games has built an incredible discovery engine, a cross between Amazon's recommendation engine and Apple Genius," said Pearce.

"It learns and grows with the user, building a detailed profile of what the user has played across different gaming platforms and in turn recommends the 'best in class' games content, selected for them personally."

Previously, Pearce was the co-founder and CEO of mobile media distribution service Player X.

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